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Dremel Core Bits - Add-On Set
Dremel Core Bits - Add-On Set
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Product Description

Thank you....

...for purchasing the 5 piece set of Diamond Core Bits for your Dremel Tool.

The manufacturer offered us the "less popular" sizes too.

Wait. Wait. I know what you're thinking, but let me explain. Sometimes you need to drill a hole but the exact size isn't that important.

A quarter inch bolt fits great through the quarter inch hole but it also slips into a 9/32" hole just as easily. It's a little looser, but not by much.

Couldn't you use a bit that will substitute for the quarter inch bit for only $2.50?

This Add-On set includes 5/32", 13/64", 9/32" and 11/32".

Four more Diamond Core Bits to drill glass and tile for $10.00 or $2.50 per bit.

This is a deal. That's all 9 bits for less than $40. Please take advantage of this bargain while we can still get them.



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